Accidents happen. Suddenly, you’re without a car, and it seems as though your world is going to end (You’ll be okay) :). While this might be slightly exaggerated, there’s nothing convenient about not having your car available to you.

Replacement cars are a way of having the transport you need while your vehicle is in the repair shop. Knowing the benefits of this will allow you to get one, so you’re not quite as inconvenienced.

The worst part about getting into an accident is that you lose your car while it’s in for repairs. You don’t have transport to get to work, to get the groceries, or anywhere else. While you could take public transport, this is not something you signed up for. You have a car so that you don’t have to deal with things like public transport which are not always convenient.

You might be able to ask for a ride from coworkers or friends, but you don’t want to burden other people with your issues. You also don’t want to have your freedom taken away from you. You want your car to be able to go where you want without having to burden anyone else.

If you need a larger vehicle due to work commitments or family reasons we can always try to accommodate. You simply need to provide us with details regarding your vehicle, and we will advise on what we can provide you with and ensure that any inconvenience is kept to a minimal.

A replacement car is all about convenience. We bring the car to you. You get the hire car when you drop your car off at the repairer, and we’ll organise to pick it up once you advise that your car is ready for collection.

The goal is for you not to be overwhelmed by the whole ordeal of being involved in a car accident. It wasn’t your fault and therefore you shouldn’t have to worry. Working with a professional rental car company will surely make your life easier.

The replacement car payment will be taken care of by the at-fault person’s insurer. We handle most of the work; we just need you to provide us with the details.

You simply get to enjoy the rental car for as long as your car is in the repair shop. Once you get your car back, the rental car is returned, and life continues as per normal. If you’re involved in an accident that was no fault of yours and your car is being fixed, you don’t have to be without a car.


Being in the wrong place at the wrong time as they say doesn’t make being involved in a fifty star car rentals any less stressful. It is very important that you try to remain calm and ensure that everyone involved is safe and sound.

When it comes to your damaged car and almost more importantly how you are going to continue your day to day life without a car whilst its being repaired we have you covered Australia wide.

Use our quick and easy online application and you’ll be well on your way to being back on the road with an accident hire car, on many occasion on the same day as the accident.


We have teamed up with several replacement car companies across Australia to be able to provide a quick and easy go to service at the click of a button that has access to vehicles across most of the country. Our aim is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible and to minimise any hassles caused to you. We put you in the right hands and track the management of your hire car replacement.

Our staff have an extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the Automotive Industry as a whole.
Reason you are given a Replacement Vehicle is that it can be charged to either the at fault parties insurance company or the at fault party themselves in some circumstances.

This means you get a Replacement car delivered and picked up at a convenient location and time.