Even after a bike accident
When someone else is to blame for the bike accident, hearing the word “sorry” doesn’t always make you feel better. If someone hits you when you’re driving around, it likely means that your bike has to go to a repair shop.

An accident hire car could be the best option available to you. You’re inconvenienced less as you now have the transport you need to keep you on the road.

With an accident hire car, there is no cost to you. There’s not even an initial cost where you then get reimbursed. We will organise to go directly through the at-fault insurance company.

You get to drive a car while your bike is in the repair shop.

You could probably go without transport for a day or maybe two while your bike is in the repair shop. However, the longer your bike is in the shop, the more you are inconvenienced. You can enjoy an accident hire car for as long as you need within reason. This means that if your car is being repaired for ten days, for example, you will have a hire car for that duration.

It helps to take some stress out of the situation knowing that you have reliable transportation for as long as it takes for your bike to be repaired.

Finally, the replacement car is brought directly to you. We can even deliver it to the repair shop so that you are not without transport for even a moment. Then, when your car is ready, you can leave the rental car at the repair shop or outside the repair shop so that it is picked up by the member of our team.

The goal is for you to have the transportation that you need from the moment the accident occurs. All you have to do is call or apply online with Not My Fault Accident Replacement Cars. While your car is being repaired, you will be able to go to work and enjoy yourself without feeling the stress of not having transportation.


You may be surprised to know that you are also entitled to a replacement car after a motorbike accident. We understand that you may be used to diving on two wheels but should your bike need to go in for repairs or if it is deemed written off by an insurance company then we may be able to assist in providing you a replacement car so your day to day life continues and you are not left stranded unnecessarily.

Use our quick online form to apply and we’ll get you back on the road as soon as possible.

The type of vehicle we are able to get you into depends on what bike you own. We’ll take things like make, model and bike year and value into consideration when placing you into a vehicle.

We must also note that all vehicles provided to you come with comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind.


We have teamed up with several replacement car companies across Australia to be able to provide a quick and easy go to service at the click of a button that has access to vehicles across most of the country. Our aim is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible and to minimise any hassles caused to you. We put you in the right hands and track the management of your hire car replacement.

Our staff have an extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the Automotive Industry as a whole. The reason you are given an accident hire car is that it can be charged to either the at fault parties insurance company or the at fault party themselves in some circumstances.

This means you get an accident replacement car delivered and picked up at a convenient location and time.